Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Maintenance Training

I am on week two of the 200 squats programme. I must say squats are easy. And I will do 200 squats easily. I dont even need the program: its just that it gives me a daily target.
I have increased my runs to 25 mins. I added 4 Kgs last week. 4 Kilos in one week! And yet I was still running!
4 fuckin kilos! Amazing shit.
Anyways, I have got disciplined on my diet now and hope to shed at least one by the end of the week. I am wedding next week so I am quite busy. I will start regularly updating this blog mid-march when I am on track with training. Right now, its irregular and mainly maintenance training.
Here is Bisping, ready for Wand (Wanderlei Silva) at IFC 110 in Feb 6th


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