Thursday, January 31, 2013

I am back - State of my Fitness

After the funeral and numerous travels I am finally back to running. I had two 10K runs in the hills of Kigali the previous week and my body ached. Then I did 25K on Sunday and a 12K on Tuesday and I think I am ready to start training.
I have put on one Kilogram and I have a lot of work to do in the weight department.
So this week:

T-1hr 12.28k
W-7K walk

The Weekly Plan
S-3hr run
S-21K easy
T-1hr Tempo
T-Intervals (12)k

Total: 77-90K

Highlights of 2013 Training

The 3hr run with hills will be my major run. I am aiming at speed, strength, toughness, stamina, aerobic fitness, fat-burning and I hope to be able to slot in 38K by July.

The 21K with hills is mainly for recovery and will be alternated with the 3hr run. It will be an all-out effort once a month.

The 1 hour tempo run will be a hard - very hard effort on the field. I seek to slot in 15K by July.

The intervals will be relaxed but fast 1K runs for speed. I will reduce the rest periods gradually.

More Recovery time. Faster Training times (more quality). No fear for speed and distance.

Injury Prevention - protect shins, achilles, PF and knees.

The walks/easy runs speed up recovery by causing blood flow into sore muscles to revive them. They also strengthen muscles and add variety.


Get rid/Minimize sugar and bread.

Reduce portions.

More water and fruits and vegetables.



mista maQ said...

Very good distances - this year try and maintain the long runs - 30plus is the way to go. I have sent someone for a garmin and I hope I will have it by next month - Keep Running!

Running Writer said...

Sawa. Way to go with the garmin. Which type did you send for?

mista maQ said...

I sent the Nike one

I have been informed it has already been bought and travel date is set around mid next month.