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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov 2013 - Every Day is a Chance to Move Closer to Your Dreams.

Goals: Get back to fitness. Get loose, flexible hips. Cut to 71Kgs. Put some miles in them legs.

1 Nov - 1:20 mins run in Kampala without garmin. My hips are really, really tight and painful. Kampala streets are really, really squeezed. No pavements in some places. You have to fight for space with pedestrians and the cars and the bikes. Not cool. Not cool at all.
I decide to focus on loosening these hips.

4 Nov - Up at 5. Do pushups, bridges and planks and stretch hips and adductors. No food or water  allowed in the office. Ef that man. That messes my diet plans. No water. Can you believe that? Evening do 14K (1:15) on the field. I have really added weight. I weigh 74Kgs. A whole 2Kgs more in a week! My hips still tight.

5 Nov - Up at 5. Do pushups (12+12), bridges and planks (2:30+1min) and stretch hips and adductors.. Evening - in pain - hips and adductors giving me hell. Do 18K (1:45). Take it easy. Just want to put in the miles and shed some kilos. Design our groups logo.

6 Nov  - Up at 5. Do pushups (14), bridges and planks(2:00+1min) and stretch hips and adductors.Hips better. Legs ache. Mark says MSK may be willing to be our sponsor. Evening 22K (1:58). Much better.
7 Nov - Do pushups (16), bridges and planks(2:10+1:10 min) and stretch hips and adductors. Much, much better. I am beginning to feel like a somebody now. Some aches here and there but much better. 54K for this week. High week coming ahead. Walked home. Dropped a Kilo.

8 Nov - Do pushups (18), bridges and planks(2:20+1:20 min) and stretch hips and adductors. Better.

Since people I can only describe as, how do I put this nicely?.. fuckers... banned drinks and food into our office, I have to make changes. It means I have to step out for lunch. It means I can't sip water at my desk. It means I can't eat every three or four hours. It means I have to step out for lunch. Rather than complain, I have to adapt. So some of the changes:

1. Start drinking water as soon as I wake up. By breakfast time, I should have downed a liter. Seek and monopolize the hot water flask in the office.

2. At lunchtime, saunter out, buy fruit salad of 50 bob and 1 liter of water.

3. Keep cutting down dinner and increasing vegetable intake.

4. Carboloading my ass.

5. Alright. I have had my fun for two weeks past Stanchart. Enough of the monkey games. No more cakes, soda, sugar, white rice, processed bread and groundnuts. Along with that goes BB. I have reunited with My Calorie Counter. I am giving away the nuts I bought last week.

9 Nov - 24K- start too fast and stretch my hip/thigh muscle. I am forced to walk at some point when the pain becomes unbearable. But I finish kinda weak. See a dead squirrel. Almost step on a huge rat. Fat rat.

10 Nov -  start slowly and end up mixing it up and even enjoy the run. The 1Km on, 1Km off is interesting but I am too tired. Feels good to run without limping or wincing. Hips better. 24K

11 Nov - Hips and psoas doing much better. I can lift my left leg while wearing pants. Stretch back and hips. Do bridges and some situps. planks(2:30+1:30 min). My weight is actually bad. Bad bad. I am sabotaging myself. I make the decision to cut off cakes, soda, sugar, processed bread and groundnuts. COMPLETELY. No excuses. Its time to see and get results. Mealtime is just a few minutes so its about staying the course for a few minutes. If hungry, freaking drink water, gaddemit! Zero sugar day 1.
Evening 22K(1:48). I am much stronger and faster. First time speed is coming while in the trenches.

12 Nov -  planks(2:40+1:40 min), Side planks, bridges, clams. Stretch back, psoas and hip flexors. Zero sugar day 2. There is a niggle in my right knee. 18K. No legs completely.

13 Nov - planks(2:50+1:50 min), Side planks, bridges, clams. Stretch back, psoas and hip flexors. Zero sugar day 3. 16K in the morning. Legs not so bad. Travel to Arusha. Time to cut back the mileage and start piling intensity and speed. This is 104K already for the week. Kesho I rest then Friday we start speed and intensity.

14 Nov -  planks(3+2 min), Side planks, bridges, clams. Stretch back, psoas and hip flexors. Zero sugar day 4.

15 Nov - 26K in 2:12 in Arusha.Second toughest terrain I have ever run in but beautiful course. Nice pavements and not too crazy drivers. This wraps up this week at 130K.

16 Nov -  planks(3:15+2:15 min) Side planks, bridges, clams. Stretch back, psoas and hip flexors. Zero sugar day 4. Allowed myself two croissants though. And some dumbass juice.

18th-22th Nov I travelled to shaggs to complete building my mum a house. It was also a tapering week of some sorts. I ran on 17th and on 20th. Excercise regimen is in disarray but its time to lay back a little. Especially on the legs.

22nd. Travel back to Nai. Go out on 23rd night. Go back home at 5am. Do a 21K at about 9:45am - weather is good, fortunately. Legs shot. Time to get back to a sane life.

These legs deserve some more respectable speed.

26th - Staying loose, psoas stretches, hip flexor stretches, back, plank (3:32), leg raises, bridges, clam shells. Speed runs 4 x 1000m (3:54, 3:43, 3:41, 4:00) floats 12K total. Raw speed has gone down kinda.

27th - Side planks, clams, bridges, hip flexor and psoas stretches. Leg raises.

28th - Plank (4:12 - woohooo!), clams, bridges, hip flexor and psoas stretches. Leg raises.

 29th - Plank (4:32 - Ah tell ya!), clams, bridges, hip flexor stretches, situps and psoas stretches. Leg raises.


mista maQ said...

I am thinking this 1:20 goal should be done with next year. With a little more effort compared to this year, it is achievable. You have really devoted yourself especially regarding your weight - i cant envision how adding a little speed in your runs can stop you from this goal. Lets live a day at a time and see what comes next. Great work!

Running Writer said...

Thanks. Lets see what we can do. More speed is coming. First, strong legs.