Sunday, May 4, 2014

Challenging My Limits

3rd - 32K. It really bangs me up. Really. Go to Stadi and pick two caps and a short. I get Brao's number. Brooks are finished. Did I say the 32K fucked me up? I should have.
5th - 21k in 1:35
6th - 15k easy. Fartlekish.
7th - 12K. Tired.
8th - 8K. Started late. No floodlights. Recovery. Wasn't even supposed to run but had calories to burn.
9th - 18K with 1k on 1k off runs after 12k. Tricky, busy, tough week. Learning not to listen to my body while also not ignoring its messages completely.
106k total for the week.
Weekend completely off.Travel to Mbsa for Aleki's Ayie. Jambojet is not as bad as people were claiming it is. Kenyans!
12th - 18k with 17k in 1:15. Interrupted by stomach cramps. Break down kinda fast. Really painful him flexors. Waist area has issues.
13th - 16K. Feeling stronger. More collected.
14th - 22k. Stronger. Stronger hip flexors better leg raising and foot landing. Better aligned body. I suspect that my waist issues were caused by weak hip flexors. I was making up for weak HFs by swinging my shoulders in a wide arc to drag my feet forward to compensate for weak hip flexors failing to lift my feet up. Damn. Proper, better form. No, I am not a form guru. Just an old guy trying to train while keeping injuries at bay by maintaining proper form, strength and flexibility.
15th - 10K easy with strides.
18th - 32K. Not so hammered this time. I was slow though and didn't feel fast so I didn't even try. Whats interesting is that I finished. By 13th K I wasn't sure I should put myself through 32K of hell. But I did.
19th - 10k. Easy. Right pelvic socket painful. Very.
20th - 17K in 1:18 the pelvic joint was better. Wasn't sure I should run. Wanted to walk home and it threatened to rain. But it turned out alright.
22nd - Have some kind of flu coz my right anterior cervical lymph node is inflamed and painful. I do 7k but I am stopped short by painful adductors. The Flu amplifies the pain. First time this year injury stops me in the middle of a workout. Take antibiotics and painkiller. What a effing bummer man.
25th - 32k. Took ponsta forte though I still experienced pain at 7k and 9k. 100 shs in my pocket,job ID, and 100ml of water. I set off. By 1K, I knew that going by the way I was climbing the hill, I wasn't blah today. So I pushed while respecting the distance. I was strong and it went well. Covered it in 2:32:37 avg of 4:46min/Km. Let the training Beegin! I am pumped. Finally I am able to tackle this distance decently.
27th - 21K. Apparently the 32K is still in my legs. I walked home on Monday. Late evening meeting.
28th - 14K easy.
29th - 16K with strides.

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