Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I really think it is

1st - 17K. I have a cold. Cezet, PF and Antibiotics. Its cold as hell here. I like the way I can pick up.
2nd - 13K with floats.
3rd - 13K with floats. Pain in left hip makes me hold back. 95K total. Solid week overall.

PS Pics - suffering from a cold. The gloves and body suit didn't help though.

6th - 32K - still recovering from a cold so I take it easy.
7th - 21K moderate. Fail to carry water. Sabasaba day. Mats are scarce. Almost pass out in a mat due to dehydration. Ef man. Big mistake.
8th - 22K easy Feeling strong.
9th - 12K recovery
10th - 13K with ladders and strides. Develop an injury in my left groin. Limping. Weird shit. Now what?


Carolyne Gathuru said...

Whatever happened to "Death In A Matatu" ?

Running Writer said...

I got busy