Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 Week III

21(1:49:54)+28+7+21(1:45:48) = 77Kms
I am very happy with my progress. I havent been very disciplined with my diet but we will get there.
The fat burner, which is my FFLR should do some wonders for me. Had some shin splint which has cleared. PF is getting better.

Monday, December 10, 2012

2013 Week II

The 21 was in 1:51. I love this route because it gives me everything: hills, flats and corners and from my time, I have a MOUNTAIN of improvements to do and lots of work. The 25K really cleaned me out. I will be doing the long runs purely for weight loss.
I am not likely to put in anything more this week. Tomorrow until Thursday I will be traveling.
I am focusing on losing weight and running faster this year. I want to embrace this mission with singleness of purpose and intensity. This is the year. Gotta lose that weight man.

 Gotta lose it. Christmas better pass quickly.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

2013 Training week I

21 in 1:53 hilly route and I was taking it easy. But I will be looking at that time as I proceed. Got rained on pretty good on Sunday but I did the 23K nonetheless. Will build up to 30K thereabouts. Purely for fat burning and of course, having a huge tank of Glycogen in my liver.
The 15K was in 1:10:45. I want to be doing a tempo every Thursday an intervals every Tuesday.

1__ 4:31.2   
2__ 4:37.1   
3__ 4:32.2   
4__ 4:30.3   
5__ 4:37.1   
6__ 4:36.6   
7__ 4:41.2   
8__ 4:40.8   
9__ 4:40.1   
10_ 4:37.3   
13_ 4:58.2   
The 12K had 8x1000m in 4:10,4:06,4:07,4:08,4:15,4:07,4:11,4:12
I was very pleased with the intervals. I want to build up to 12x1000m then slowly start narrowing the intervals as I get stronger.
I have decided to be incorpoarting squats to make my knees feel better and more flexible and to strengthen my quads for downhill running.
I have also decided to start dieting - wanna shed some 9-10Kgs. I must go sub 20mins 5K in 2013 and I will stop at nothing. My problem has been sugar and bread so today is the last day of my dalliance with sugar and bread. I will be having them only once every seven days.


Monday, December 3, 2012

My Writing and Me