Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Injury Persists...

Yes. I went and ran jana. After 35mins. It started aching. By night time, it was sore.
This really sucks. I now miss running. Gotta stay away from it for a while now. Damn.
No matter. Its a soft tssue injury and will be fine soon. For now, I just need to keep walking and watch my diet.


mista maQ said...

Sorry for the injury - just stay focussed and maintain your persistence. its good that you have surpassed the 30km mark - we are inching closer to 40km and soon we will get there. Take a break, let it heal and get back again - a break is also good as it gives you time to review your weakness, possibilities and challenges.By the end of March we should be able to clear 35km in one run under 3hrs...its optimistic but possible.

Running Writer said...

Yes, thats a good goal. Lets see. Thanks