Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 1: Injury

I picked up a calf injury on Saturday when I went for a 32K run. I picked it slightly after 600m and it got very bad by 16K but I clenched my teeth, sucked it up and completed the run. But it was tough as hell. At any rate, cramps also fucked me up pretty bad so I took three hours and some change. Which is not so bad. But I was pretty wasted after that run.
So much that Sunday, I slept through the morning.
Monday I walked. Tuesday I went for a tempo run, clearing 6K in 29mins. I had to stop when the pain became unbearable.
I walked yesterday and will walk today and tomorrow. Hopefully, I can run again on Saturday. I walk for quick recovery and to keep my weight in check.
I have decided that every day I will not be running, I will be walking the 8K home
So for now, no running today. Let me give my leg some time to heal before I fuck it up permanently.
 So this week its 32+6=38K. Am behind schedule.

Keep working!

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