Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lessons Learnt in 2013

I did my last long run yesterday -  a 10K with strides. Now I wait and get fresh legs. Stanchart is two days away. We will see how that goes. But Stanchart results don't matter so much. I know where I am and I am already setting goals for for 2014. For 2014 I will be aiming for a 1:25 Half, Sub 1:35 Ndakaini and Sub 3hours Full .


1. Be Consistent - Not more than five days should pass without going for a run. Don't think too much. Just go and run. Thats it. It doesnt have to be a perfect run. Remember, NOBODY ever regretted going for a run. Ever.

2. Keep weight Sub 70Kgs. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. Reduce or cut out red meat. Watch what you eat. It matters. BE CONSISTENT with your diet too. There is no season for gluttony. Stay the course or pay the price.
3. Do more long runs. Use singles for trenches.
4. When outside the trenches, keep it intense. Keep the long runs intense.
5. Do more sprints for strength and speed and 3X1000 repeats for speed.
6. Have fun with the runs. Take risks. Go hard and let the chips fall where they will.

7. Stick to hilly or rolling routes where possible.
8. Invest in shoes and other gear. Be nice to yourself. Stay warm. Stay comfortable.
9. Keep positive and keep positive people around. Every step is a victory.
10. Take care of core strength and flexibility. Learn from every injury and take corrective action. Strengthen and improve technique and form as the case may be. Think. Don't stumble around the running experience. Learn.
11. Have more group runs - one every two months at least. Don't sweat their planning. Just do them. Go with one guy or ten guys. Doesn't matter.

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