Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Last Three weeks to Stanchart

It has been a busy three weeks! And buggers in the office behave as if I am the only person doing brain surgery and when I am on leave, everyone claims they are incompetent to handle my assignments! Damn annoying!
Last week in the trenches - Sep 29-Oct 5: 95Kms
26K in 2:00:46 - Group run with Mark and GK. I was sluggish already.
25k Too sluggish. Decide to get out of the trenches pronto. I dont care. I need my legs back.
Total: 95Kms.
Week 1 outside the trenches 6th-13th Oct
I then traveled to shaggs with Mark to put up a house for my mum. We went for a 12K around Lake Simbi
12K in 58 mins - still no legs.
21K in 1:42 legs 80% back. Mark has a respiratory problem. We found a nice route with rolling hills from Osika to Kadel.
21K in 1:36 My legs are back. Time to step on the pedal. Invited Ochibo. He bombed after 8K. Asked Ochibo to invite all comers and there is a reward of 2K for anyone who can hang with us.
Week 2 Outside the trenches: 14-19th Oct
21k in 1:33:31.  Ochibo comes with Daddy, Drogba and Kelvin. Daddy does a good job with Ochibo. They bomb after 16K. But they do a helluva good run for newcomers! Drogba and Kelvin are destroyed with the blistering pace by 4K. Ochibo and Daddy survive up to 15K. Then they collapse. Man, it was a bloodbath. 21 in 1:34:36. Mark is recovering well.

Drogba and Daddy wondering WTF happened?

Stanchart week - 20th -27th

Monday 25k in 1:52:57 with 21K in 1:33:18. With Daddy and Ochibo. Ochibo steps on a stone and twists his ankle. Daddy does very, very well and completes just behind me with Mark. I really pushed hard. Used surges from 12K to try and shake off daddy. I finally did after 22K but man! Great dude!
I have a Hamstring injury though I ran with it. I hope I can handle it well so that it doesn't become a showstopper for Stanchart. I will use RICE.
Surprisingly, my weight is alright at 72K even though I misbehaved in shaggs!

Kelvin and Ochibo - and baby Hawi! Kelvin said later that what he saw on that day, he will never go to run with us again. He thought of removing his shoes at some point, when the going got tough and his legs were heavy as lead.

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