Monday, December 15, 2008

Back on Blogging Business

We are back to daily blogging. I have an injury though. Was it caused by Pig-Headedness or Pure Folly?

I knew I shouldn't have jumped from 10K to 24K. But, whether out of sheer arrogance or stupidity, I did. And it went relatively well on Friday. And Saturday I was just fine. Then I felt some pain in my right knee on Sunday. Instead of leaving it alone, I did what any experienced runner knows I shouldn't have done. I reached for the painful spot and started massaging it. I successfully inflamed it.

In short order, a dull ache became an painful injury and I have been limping since. I should ave known that I should not have touched it. But I did because of sheer pig headedness. So I wont run today and tomorrow. I hope that by Wednesday it will have healed and I will be ready to run.
Otherwise right now I am nursing an injury - my right knee has gone to hell. I have got a few entries that I would like to make. Coming up shortly.

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