Monday, December 15, 2008

Inchoate Quarterly Training Plan

January - April

From my records, I am both tortoise (slow but has endurance) and a hare (has some speed, however laughable)


1. Do a Sub-40 10K and a Sub-19 5k. Current results are 45.55 and 22.10. I believe its doable if I can cut 15 seconds or so every week.

2. Seek to do 400m in 60 secs and a 3mins 1K (2.5 laps). Current result is 85secs 400m and 3mins 54 seconds.

3. Get a base mileage of 55-60Kms per week by end of April.

4. Get (a) Physiological adaptations - more mitochondria, more capillaries and slower pulse rates.
(b) Better running economy - better coordination of hands and feet, and use of stomach, pelvis and hips to generate running power.
(c) Higher AT and LTs

Weekly Base Training Plan

Sunday - Long Run - 24-35K AM - Run progressively
Monday - Recovery run easy 6Kms + Pylometrics AM
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - 10K - hard PM (alternate weekly between +ve and -ve splits)
Thursday - 8K easy + Pylometrics AM
Friday - Speed Runs 800 X 5 + 400m recovery jogs or 400 x 10 + 200m recovery jogs (6Kms) PM
Saturday - Rest.

Pylometrics = 1 legged hops, crunches, jumping pushups, pilates, leg bounds, heel/toe walks and knee tucks.
Approach: Start low and climb up gradually to 60K.
I will firm it up or adjust it later. But its the basic idea.

The video below demonstrates how alternate leg bounds are performed. They help develop explosive power and increase stride length.

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