Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have added Weight - MIR vs Lesnar

Yeah, eventually. Been eating and shit. I am tottering near overweight but I am fine. I have some 4 days left and not much damage can happen to my weight in that interim period.
Meanwhile, baing an MMA fan, I gotta comment on the Mir vs Lesnar fight. Many bets are on Lesnar winning in UFC 98 on May 23rd 2009 is the next big thing. I can make some predictions.
Mir will beat Lesnar. This is based on the following assessment.

Lesnar strengths:
Power - he is a good wrestle and can hold his own.
Powerful punching
Size - means he isnt easily contained and is dangerous while in a dominant position.
Hunger - he lost their first fight and wants to be the best fighter in the world.

Lesnar weaknesses
Lack of grappling and MMA experience. He only knows how to strike.
Too much reliance on brute force.
Body build.

Mir strengths:
Mental power - he is a coach, he studies fights, he is mental. He can let Lesnar think he is winning then hand his ass to him in a platter pronto. Or shall I say tout de suite?
Tactics/ skill - can grapple and strike and ground and pound his wins span from TKOs, rear naked chokes, armbars, toeholds, knee bars, Mir locks etc. In other words, he has an arsenal and can unleash a triangle choke on Lesnar at anytime.
Good striking (showcased in the Nogueira fight)
Unpredictable strategy (Nogueira fight)
Good grappling.
Mir weaknesses
Speed - he isn't that fast - but this can be corrected.
Agression - his approach appears "soft." Iron fist in velvet gloves? Maybe.
His cardio and power is questionable

As for me, I will start next week cautiously and built slowly and steadily to a relentless, maddening training regimen by mid year. King Geb is in town. He says Wanjiru and Daniel Komen are the two buggers who can make him stir in his sleep at night.

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