Monday, January 12, 2009

Still Recovering Took a 4.5 Hours Walk

Still Recovering Took a 4.5 Hours Walk
I took a 4 and a half hours walk in the Sun yesterday to clear my mind and help my knees to heal. I just took some sunglasses, a cap to keep off the sun and one liter of water and a peaceful mind and set off like a guru with a rucksack slung across my shoulders. My mind like quiet rock in a pathless forest. Observing the blown dust, the sun, the rushing traffic, the drunks, the church goers, the rich, the rubbish and the world in general. Soaking it all in. I felt my energy being used up, my muscles getting fatigued, my sweat flowing and the wind blowing through my windbreaker. The Tao was not restless it just wanted to move like the wind. I am still organizing my thoughts regarding how I should run this year, what to aim for, what to accomplish, what to improve on, how to increase my earnings and generally how to become a giant in everything I do.
I will search for what Guinness world record I can set or break. Maybe something like the longest distance run non-stop? I will look it up. I want to push myself. Meanwhile, I am limping from yesterdays walk (something harmless up my quads) though my knee is not noticeably worse or better. Am I a wuss or what?

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