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Monday, January 31, 2011

Faciltating Ketogenesis...

I was 89.5 on Sat and Sunday and I woke up at 90 today. Not bad. I think it was that sumptuous lunch. I hope to close the week at 88.5.
Today I kicked rather than do squats.
The ankle is better and I hope by Friday I can declare I can start running next week.
What? Ketogenesis? Well, that is a synthesis that occurs in response to low glucose levels in the blood, and after exhaustion of cellular carbohydrate stores, such as glycogen. The production of ketone bodies is then initiated to make available energy that is stored as fatty acids. Ketone bodies are produced mainly in the mitochondria of liver cells. When I diet like I do, I am facilitating ketogenesis and ketones can be found in my urine upon urinalysis.
Tomorrow, I will start cutting out sugar to facilitate ketogenesis further. Al let u know how I do it.


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