Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weight Loss Strategy in Action

I am now back to 90Kgs. That is 4 days of diet. I decided to declare war on my weight when I hit 91Kgs which was on Monday. I lost weight from 92Kgs to 76Kgs in 2008 and now, my critics say that ooooh, that was a long time ago and I cant do it again. Well, its time to show that this runner is also a weight-loss God. There are some essentials to my strategy:


1. Be ready to carry food. Er, and water too.
2. Water must be your friend.
3. Eat less, more.
4. Thou shall not starve yourself under any circumstances.
5. Leave the painful ankle the ef alone.
6. If you cant run, develop core strength and wait for the ankle to heal.
7. No negative caloric deficit, no weight loss. Plain and simple.

1. Take one glass of water upon waking up (this will fill the stomach and minimize breakfast taken).
2. Work out: 3 sets of situps, pushups and squats (left unattended are: compartment muscles, calves and hamstrings - which is not so bad). This is for increasing MR.
3. Split breakfast into four. (my breakfast is 3 slices of bread and tea). Take each quarter at the following times: 7.30am, 10.30am, 2pm and 4pm. Drink water in between whenever hungry.
4. Take one glass of water before dinner (same reason as above).
5. Eat decreasing amount of dinner but particularly minimize carbs and fat.

Lets see how it goes. So far, so efing good.

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