Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 Training Day 186: 10(AM)+12(PM) with 5 x 1000m + 4

I did some 5X1000m in 4:12,4:10,3:54,3:58 and 4:05
This was the first time I was returning two sub 4 mins in one workout so this is great. I am targeting three sub 4 mins next week.
My legs were pretty tired and I had to suss them out of their frozen lull through some drills and warm up. I am glad that because my legs were tired, I couldn't reach my max HR and maxed at 173Bpm. I am glad I have learnt how to coax tired, sore legs and persuade them to do some action. I couldn't do that a month ago.

July____wk1 21(2:08)+15(1:12)+21(1:43:28-HR158) = 57Kms (Tororo)
________wk2 23(2:16)+(15+9)+(16+9)+10+(16+9)+(12+7)= 126Kms(Entebbe)
________wk3 18(1:28)+12+21(1:48-HR157)=51Kms
________wk4 23(2:18)+21(1:43:54-HR162)+9=53Kms
________wk5 12+21(1:38:50 HR167)+17=50Kms
August__wk1 22+16+18+(10+12)+10+(3+14)=105Kms (Entebbe)
________wk2 21+12=33Kms (cold)
________wk3 22+(18+8)+(19+6)+18+(4+13)=108Kms
________wk4 21+21+9+(10+18)+(9+16)+(9+11)=124Kms
Sept____wk1 21+14+14+14=72Kms
________wk2 21+10+7+7=48Kms
________wk3 21(1:49-Ndakaini)+9+10(AM)+7(PM)+10(AM)+10(PM)=67Kms
________wk4 21+20+5+13+16+10+12+4=101Kms
101Kms? I will take it. Very good, intense week. I went for a 4M shakeout today. Legs as sore as ef!

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