Friday, September 6, 2013

Group course record broken 1:52:12

I was up early. Stretched and warmed up. Focused on breaking the group run record. I let the pace go by my feel for the first few Kms and I loosened up as I progressed but something in my stomach, pelvis-area, kept bothering me and ultimately held back from giving 100%. I could have been faster but I was afraid of blowing up or making whatever that thing was - I suspected a cramp. I was strong and the hills went well. I did not break the putative record of 1:50 but I am glad I broke the actual record with my 1:52:12. Now I can break that after Ndakaini.

Here are the splits
Marks splits my splits
1     4'41"/km4:44
2     4'34"/km4:29
3     4'11"/km4:13
4     4'03"/km4:07
5     4'24"/km4:20
6     4'25"/km4:24
7     4'21"/km4:23
8     4'26"/km4:26
9     4'27"/km4:37
10     4'32"/km4:35 - city
11     4'33"/km4:28
12     4'46"/km4:42-Muthurwa
13     4'40"/km4:34---58:08
14     4'55"/km5:10-upperhill
15     5'20"/km5:19-city mort
16     4'41"/km4:42
17     4'24"/km4:26
18     4'10"/km4:29
19     4'53"/km5:03
20     4'36"/km4:50
21     5'00"/km5:09----1:37:20
22     7'01"/km5:26
23     5'13"/km5:07
24     4'18"/km4:16      

Keep Rolling!


mista maQ said...

You really went blazing on upper hill 5:10 is pretty good but it seems your recovery after a hill is still a little slower just like mine. Your records have always been a morale booster to me so keep it going. Your work outs (planks, abs, lunges) have made me do things I never envisioned. You are a pioneer and the key to what we have become. Keep running!

Running Writer said...

Thanks. We will only get better because we are learning what we need to do to be good. If we get two more passionate people, the sky is the limit!