Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back on the Track - No More Speed Runs

After a 5 days break, I resumed running two days ago. My legs are much better. I did 10K with the first 5K in 23:15 and the 10K in about 46 minutes. I wasnt sure about the 10K time though my running mate, Sikuku, insisted it was 46mins.
I was weak even though after the run I managed 30 push ups, several crunches heel/toe walks and one legged hops. I had no energy but I weathered a stitch and some pain below in my shoulder blades between the 9th and 16th laps.
I chalked my weakness down to a low-carb lunch and so today I will take proper carbs for lunch. My quads are aching and I am surprised but I will go again today and see how it goes. I figure its the speed runs that fucked up my knees so I will steer away from them until I can manage a mileage of 50Kms per week - hopefully by March next year. In the meantime, I will stick to a staple diet of long runs, recovery runs, tempo runs and test runs. Meanwhile my weight is 77Kgs. Sometimes 76.5. Recall that 76 is my ideal weight. I will maintain at 75 if I can get there. I have lost 14Kgs since August.


Nyar said...

Congratulations on the phenomenal weight loss! You really should write a book about it coz that achievement is inspiring .... keep it up (or off if you like!).

Constantine said...

Seeking the perfect carbohydrate? Try adding a piece of arrow roots or sweet potatoes in every meal. This traditional foods are rich in energy.

I eat them in the morning and lunch time. If I have a secret meal, this are the ones.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks Nyar (what the hell kinda name is that?) Nyar ng'a?
Anyways, your comments are encouraging and I thank you for that.
Thanks Constantine, I will try those roots.