Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tryin out new stuff and relaxin

I ran 11K yesterday and 11K today. Its mainly my knees that are suffering when I run two consecutive days. At any rate, it went well and I am not bearing any injury. I will rest tomorrow and run again on Friday.
This week I will probably do 33Kms tops because I am not doing a long run over the weekend.
I started reading Obama's book, Dreams From My Father yesterday. I had bought it close to two years ago but put it aside after reading the introductory chapter. I had plenty of other interesting books to read at the time so I let it gather dust.
I had thought that whereas Obama was a gifted speaker, his writing was not engaging. After a review I read in a newspaper on Sunday, I retrieved the book and cracked it open.
Obama wrote it when he was 33. His insights into the human condition are astounding. His introspection and artistic rendering of the events that surrounded his early childhood is astonishingly rich. In fact, his brilliance and artistic prowess dwarf that of several accomplished writers.
I am still in the first chapter. All I can say is that Obama is a gifted writer and the book is beautifully written.
Which brings me to my next point. What have I written lately? I am quickly growing old. Will I end up as a mediocre character who lacked the imagination and mettle to make his dreams come true? I am becoming someone who spends his time planning to write without ever getting any work written. Time to stop procrastinating. Friends tell me I am pissing on my talent.
Its time to act.

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