Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Acceptance Speech Brought Tears to My eyes

His speech is here and the last part here.
I shed tears. God damn. What he says, the thoughts he provokes, the perspectives he brings out, the poetry, the tapestry he weaves reaches in and takes my emotions away.
This guy is incredible. The story about the 106 year old woman, Anne Nixon Cooper, who voted and how he walks us through her lifetime, an entire century, is riveting. It drained me with its deepness. The question about what changes we can make in the world for our kids is just too deep. What change will they see. He asks. What progress will we have made? He continues. This is amazing shit. If you are drunk while listening, I am sure the alcohol will evaporate from your soaked brain and leave you fresh and alert to contemplate the implications of what he just said and the serious role we have and duty to generations to come. And how far Americans, and humanity, have come. From the dark days of racism and disenfranchisement of women. Its too much. Obama is the culmination of the social progress made by mankind in the past centuries. He is a collection of our fears, our pain, our dreams, our hopes and our joy.
I have cried with Oprah and Jesse Jackson. Obama has done it.
Now excuse me while I blow my nose and dry my eyes. I am choking with emotion.

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