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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back in Running

I ran on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week, about 8Km distances but with a hill that made it interesting. I had to travel on Friday to marry my sweetheart and do the dowry thing. Now I am back and can focus on other things.
I am so glad Kenya cam third in the 2009 12th IAAF World Athletic Championships. I missed the men's marathon where Kenya almost took the entire podium but I am downloading it from youtube.
Kenyans won a brilliant race in a strategy that was started by Wanjiru in the Beijing Olympics in 2008: start out hard and finish out hard. If you die, the competition dies too, but at least you die while ahead. Plus, it destroys the competition psychologically because they don't know whether you are committing suicide or whether you are just that strong and nobody can afford to have a huge gap and expect to close it later in the race. We even burnt out Deriba Merga - can you imagine that shit? Deriba Merga. He took Boston in 2009 and was 4th in the Beijing Olympics.
We used the strategy and it worked in the womens 10,000m, and 5000m and it worked partly in the mens 10,000m though Tadese came in and spoilt for us but we destroyed the entire Ethiopian team except Bekele. Imagine burning out Gebremariam Ezighebagher (sp?) You know how powerful that guy's killer kick is? Watch the London (was it?) World cross country champions.

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