Monday, August 31, 2009

Did 27K

We did 27K on Sato. Five guys: me, Kamau, Nderitu, Sikuku and Bonnie. We took about 2:30. Bonnie's weight and failure to practice regularly has caught up with him. Kamau needed to go after 500m.
I will go for an easy run today. Cheers.
PS: I am swamped at work. Totally swamped. Cant even update my blog.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you, Kamau, Nderitu, Shikuku and Bonnie for the 27k run. I would have joined you but the doctor advised me to take a 2-week break because of a left knee ache. A 2-week break from running is very difficult at this time with Ndakaini Half Marathon being 3 weeks away. Anyway I obliged because I want to do Ndakaini and Standard Chartered half marathons on 19th Sept and 25th Oct respectively. Is there a group run between now and Ndakaini and between Ndakaini and Stan Chart? Keep me informed on your next one via email and this blog.
George Karimi

21km, anytime said...

This is awesome man. Pass my regards to the rest especially Kamau.
Keep it up.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks GK. Pole about your knee. Is it better now? We have Mwea classic half marathon on 12th and I would like to have a 24K this Sato morning. Let me see if I can get anybody interested in the 24K.
Ogutu welcome back. Pole for the back problem. Hii mambo ya mbio ni demanding sana. But its worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hi and yes my knee is much better now. I will start again this Saturday with a morning 10k run as I aim to get back before Ndakaini on 19th. I will continue to observe my knee.
George Karimi

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks for the update GK. Just try to keep off the hard surfaces and maintain proper running form and you should be fine.
There is a Mwea classic run of 9K and 23K on 12th Sept. I will send you the registration forms.
Cheers and good luck