Wednesday, April 6, 2011

40 Mins Better - Almost Free

I am almost free from the shin splint problem. I was up early and I wrapped bandages around my shins. The left shin is healed and did not really need the shin support but then again it doesn't hurt. Since I wasn't encumbered by the pain from the injury, I decided to improve my distance within 40 minutes. I made it a hard tempo run. I decided to employ Shaq O'Neal's mantra GO HARD OR GO HOME. So I pushed and pushed and struggled uphill and allowed myself to cruise downhill without applying breaks because I knew my shins could take it. And I improved my distance by about one minute from Tuesday's distance. Now, for those who dont know, one minute is huge. I am still pretty slow but once I am free of injury, I plan to push myself and fight every second for 40 minutes until I can cram about 10K in the 40 minutes. I will just be fighting, attacking hills, sprinting downhill and speeding up in flat areas, muscles taut, teeth grating, jaws clenched, everything full blast. Just fight, dig deep, stay active, search for speed until I burn up more fat, and muscle and get leaner and faster. The plan is to be very strong. My knees are already strong and my shins are following then my ankles and my torso (back and abs).
The good news is that my left shin is healed 100%. Right one is about 80%. Tomorrow I give it another push then I rest for 4 days and let it recover in peace. Next week I will ramp it up to 5X a week with more need for speed. War Jack! War!
Today, eye candy is Hulk's face, his pure anger manifested sometimes fuels me to dig deep and to attack my boundaries and shatter them as I explode into new frontiers. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

 Or sometimes I let it explode in a scream. Never underestimate the power of a fictional creature to fire up a man. After all, most people use God.

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