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Friday, April 29, 2011

40 Mins - Hard

After taking the day off yesterday, and patiently icing my shins as I ruminated on this nagging shin injury, I decided to go for a hard tempo run today. I am exercising so there is no problem in experimenting with starting hard, or so I thought. If I burn out, it doesnt matter: its just this week's me racing against last week's me. I carefully warmed up my calves and shin muscles (my problem areas) and sedately ensured my back, waist and knees are warmed up and stretched. All this while, as I did this, I started a fire in my head and stoked it with every warm up move. Then I blew this flame into a conflagration that seeped into my entire system. I was fired up baby!

By the time I stepped out of the house at about 5:30 in the AM, there was Dante's raging inferno in my eyes and my heart was tightly coiled, ready to explode. Mortals were lucky not to be prowling around at that time because making eye-contact with the red hot embers that were my eyes would have resulted in instant death for any unlucky mortal too slow to avert their curious eyes. After surveying the next dozen yards and seeing no obstacle in my path, I tapped my watch and exploded from the house like a canon aiming for cataclysmic destruction at a distant object.

Both gates were open and I flew past them into the chilly dawn. I decided to stay active and attack the hills like someone in a fight. Fight through each second no autopilot drifting. And so I went, air rushing in a loud torrent in and out of my lungs through my nostrils like a bull pulling a plough. By the time 9 minutes had elapsed, I knew I would go farther than I have ever gone in 20 minutes this year. And I did. In fact, I was so satisfied, I turned back after 19:33.

It started raining after 27 Minutes and I got pretty well rained on by the time it was 40 mins. I had to skip lunges and one session of heel-toe walksbecause of the rain.
Tomorrow I rest. Sunday I go for a Two hour long slow run then next week I work myself up into an insane rage and attack the hills again like something from hell.

Btw, we have UFC 129: St-Pierre vs. Shields this weekend. I fucking simply can't wait.

Here is Devila Desiree of USA, she was second in Boston this year. Kara was 5th or something. Quietly note her concentration, focus and composure as she plays pacesetter to the raging gazelles surging and lurching behind her.


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