Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012 Training Day 108: 8K Recovery

Took it very easy. These are women after a battle with distance and time, and themselves.


Carolyne Gathuru said...

Ok Good Gentleman,
We've waited patiently for 4 days after being right there in that dingy, stinking, scary room with Grace of the airing armpits fame, feeling her fear and trepidation,horror and disgust. And marvelling at the witchdoctor with a pair of eyes in the dark next to him! Waiting for the next parts hopefully coming soon?

Jacob Aliet said...

Hi Caro, Pole sana. I realized I was doing my readers a disservice by churning out the chapters very fast and compromising on quality. The next installment is coming soon but it will be better and you will enjoy it the more. Thanks for reading.