Thursday, May 31, 2012

2012 Training day 114: 15K

Legs totally fucked up. But fucked up in a beautiful way.
May_____wk1 22+17+15+14+16+12=96Kms (Arusha-nursing PF and ITBL)
________wk2 21+13+10+13=57Kms (ITBL almost healed, tight PF and some shin pains)
________wk3 22+18+10+14=64Kms (rain messed me up. nursing ITBL & PF - break into new shoes)
________wk4 21(1:53)+21(1:43:49)+8+10=60Kms (stomach cramps) ITBL finally gone. PF persists.
________wk5 23+20+18+21+15=97Kms (PF getting better)

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