Thursday, June 27, 2013

Done with the Trenches Part I

I did my last run in the trenches yesterday. I threw in some unmeasured, uncoordinated sprints based on feel and had 2:20 (approx 26Kms/Hr) as my best pace. Just checking on my fast-twitch muscles.
My weight is at 75Kgs now and I want to keep it there for about four weeks after which time I should go back to the trenches once more for Ndakaini and Stanchart - And possibly go down to 72Kgs. In the next four-five weeks I want to do Sotokoto Half, run the first group run route and do a 26K on the Eastlands route to see where I am at. I will also run a 26K on the field and on Mombasa road.

So now I will be doing one long run on Sunday, another long one on Tuesday and speed runs on Thursdays.
I am still devising the best diet for this reduced mileage. My iliopsoas injury seems to have migrated to my hip but I hope resting today and tomorrow should take care of it.
I will complete my 30day ab challenge tomorrow. I am definitely more ripped, especially with the weight loss.
I have settled on the following program for strength:
The squats and planks are fine. The benefits of pushups for runners and the rest are here. And here.

Keep running fellas!

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