Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Faltering Steps...

I have been nursing a cold for the past four days.
I went for a fast 24K on Sunday. I started fast, too fast. But I was enjoying my new weight. It was very good and I was having fun. At 14k, at the hill, I got my ass kicked and didn't recover well. So far, it seems my weakness is the hills. At 22k, my stomach cramps hit home and I had to stop. Luckily I was near home and I walked the rest of the distance.
Then yesterday I attempted a sub 2hr 2K. I started conservatively. But at 21K, I had to remember Catherine Ndereba's advice: Respect the distance. I just felt I was struggling too much to sustain another 5k. I pulled the plug at 21K.

I didn't respect the 26K. I should have rested for two or three days before attempting it. Plus, I had overeaten and drank water too close to the start of the run.
So, the distance knocked some sense into my overeager, anxious head. Now I am awake. And vigilant and patient.
Live and Learn.
Keep running fellaz!

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