Sunday, July 28, 2013

Group Run route - 24K in 1:57:58

This was an improvement over the two hills of almost six minutes.
So I am pleased with my progress.
I was careful to fuel properly so on Saturday I ate quite a bit. And I made sure to get as much sleep as possible. Then I did no exercises at all on Saturday. I was having visitors on Sunday so I slept late because of preparations.
As I had said earlier, I have decided to make my discomfort zone my comfort zone so I was definitely gonna tackle the hills. The two Hills. I was up at 5:45. I stretched thoroughly. Especially my groin and illipsoas and I warmed up well. 
I started okay. I didn't push so hard because I wanted to be strong over the hills. I collected a lot of mud, especially at Muthirwa because it was drizzling. My recovery past Muthurwa was much better. And my recovery past the UpperHill was also not so bad but my times over the hill were slow. I was happy with my times between 17 and 20K and I credit it to some funny fellow with a rucksack who had a funny running style.
He zoomed past me at the 17k and I watched him, wondering who the h...? then I maintained my speed just watching him and his I-may-have-boils-under-my-armpits form running about 50m ahead. After running for about 300m, I decided why not see what he is made of. And I stepped up one gear. I passed him past the TMall hill and he was very sportsmanly when I passed him. Encouraging me and all.
After three seconds, he passed me again. The challenge was on! And so was the drizzle!
I was gonna chase him and pass him or die. After one and a half Kms, I was breathing down his neck and he kept looking back. He tried to open a gap but I was strong and I stayed on him like white on rice.
He came to an abrupt stop just past sunshine, wincing with his left arm digging into his site. He turned to look at me with a pained expression, explaining his failure to keep up. I just said "pole" and zoomed past, trying to keep the momentum. I passed 21K in 1:42 and cleared in the above time. I need to do a sub 1:40 21K on this route and improve my performance on the hills.
I shall be back on the same route soon! Meanwhile, I need speedwork and a Sub 2hrs 27K.
Did 135s X 3 lunges today.
Keep running.

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