Monday, July 8, 2013

I am a little lost

Lets start with the good news: I am 72.5Kgs currently. Thanks to going to run yesterday without consuming a large meal. But thats the end of the good news.

Yesterday, I went and attempted a Sub 2 hour 26k. It was pretty hot but I thought I could hack it. At any rate, I owe it to myself to give it a shot. And all days call for an honest effort. So I started conservatively hoping I would hack it.
I did not.
After clearing 18K in 1:22, I dropped the ef out.
I just felt I could not clear the remaining 8K at the same pace.
As Mr Green tells Mr Blue in Incredible Hulk (2008) succinctly:

Another failure.

Back to me. I dont get it.
Whats going on here?
A sub two hours 26K on the field should be pretty easy considering everything. If not easy, at least doable.
What the ef is happening?
I rested for three days...ok, not 100% rest, but no running for three days, so no problem there. Or should I have done nothing at all? (no planks, no pushups etc?)
Should I have gone for a recovery run after the 400m repeats?
Am I overtrained? Not a chance. I felt great after Thursday's workout and I have been sleeping well and eating well and my cold has cleared.
My endurance is fine. I did 27K about two weeks ago on the road though that was an easy run.
My speed is fine from my speedwork.
My weight is better than ever.
Okay, I didnt carbo-load and didnt eat a decent meal going to the run but I dont want to think that is the reason. I refuse to accept that. I believe I should have enough glycogen stores to fuel a 26k.
The heat? Was it that bad? I dont think so. I refuse to accept...I was overhydrated before the run and towards the end, the sun was cool..

So, what is it?

Am I facing a burnout or am I already burnt out?
I have checked and I am not burnt out.
So I have gotta tell ya, I dont know whats happening here. I have some nagging groin injury but its manageable. So you know what I will do? I will have to deploy some faith here coz I am in la la land.
Keep training and see what happens up ahead. I have no reason to stop. Indeed, I am looking forward to keshos training. I will figure out this shit in time. For now, I don't know whats going on.

Keep running guys!
When in doubt, when confused, when lost, as I am, just keep running.


mista maQ said...

u r already there but haven't let it sink in. The hard part is over (weight) and now u should be enjoying a smooth ride. Its not physical anymore but mental - get ya head straight and the body will follow suit. Keep it going coz appetite comes with eating. Keep running!

Running Writer said...

Thanks. I sure hope so. Lets see what surprise is hidden in the next bend.