Thursday, July 4, 2013

Starting Structured Speed Runs - 10X400m

After a 5K warmup, I did 400m x 10 with walking rest in between.
The splits were as follows:
This comes to about 14mins 14seconds for the 4K - average of 17Km/Hr. I have improved over last time I did 400m intervals.
I felt good about the workout. My weight is fine thus far.
Now I rest and watch what I eat for the next two to three days.
I have decided to kill two birds with one stone: Set a 21K PR as I attempt the sub 2Hr 26K.

I started my new workout routine but I am having a challenge warming up for the squats - poor warm up means they ache later - I am at 70 squats and 28 pushups. I am thinking maybe I replace the squats with jumping knee tucks....


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