Monday, July 22, 2013

26K in 1:57:18 - 21K in 1:33:38 14K in 1:01:43

I probably just needed to eat.
I over-ate on Saturday and could not run on Sunday because I was at a team building at Egerton University. But I really misbehaved diet-wise. And I felt bad about it. Though in hindsight, no damage is done. Even in my mannerlessness, I was still choosy and kept away from the bad foods. I am hovering at about 73-74Kgs but I have decided to gradually go to 68-69. Maybe not this year, but, ultimately. I inspired a colleague and now he has inspired me.
I also had a painful hip and groin. The hip pain was really bad. The hip is now fine but the groin injury persists.

At any rate, I decided to go and burn the excess calories I had consumed over the weekend. I prayed that I wouldn't exacerbate my injuries. My feet were fast and light. I knew I was well-hydrated, I knew I was strong (all that eating! and my 155s x 3 plank workout was so easy that morning, I knew I was strong), I knew I was light. I knew I had fresh feet from 3 days of rest. I also knew I had time (skived work at 4:20). So mentally, I just built a wall of confidence and focused on the challenge of a sub 2hrs 26K.
The weather was perfect and it went very well. I had a 300ml of water near the pitch just in case. I ended up not using it during the run. I regulated my speed and avoided going fast because I had a long way to go. 
But I now feel I can attempt a Sub 20 mins 5k or a sub 30mins 7k in a few weeks. I think I should give it a shot soon. I could even have done better because I was still strong at the end but I developed a stitch at the 24th Km which messed my pace.
Now that this is done, I can focus on the hills and the roads. Mentally, this will push me higher. I set may PRs yesterday.
My 10K was 43:59, 13k in 57:14, 15K in 1:06:17, 18K in 1:19:52 (finally!) 21K in 1:33:38
My average pace 4:31
Here are the splits:

1              4:25.9   
2              4:24.4   
3              4:21.5   
4              4:21.3   
5              4:30.2   
6              4:17.7   
7              4:17.2   
8              4:29.7   
9              4:27.7   
10           4:23.9   
11           4:25.2   
12           4:25.7   
13           4:24.5   
14           4:29.0______1:01:43  
15           4:33.2   
16           4:31.9   
17           4:31.2   
18           4:32.1   
19           4:35.1   
20           4:34.1   
21           4:36.7   
22           4:37.8   
23           4:40.2   
24           4:45.6   
25           5:03.2   
26           4:32.0
Total Time 1:57:18.9

Like I said, I can now go to the roads with more confidence. I was using the track as an excuse but the reality is I wasn't just strong. But the test of the salad is in the eating. Lets go to the road and face the hills.
Cheers guys. 

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