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Monday, July 15, 2013

Embracing the Hills -

When I was relaxing on Saturday, undecided on whether to do a 27K or a 24K, I saw this poster:
And that was it. What is my discomfort zone? Hills! I have decided to spend my time in my discomfort zone until it becomes my comfort zone.
I have decided to use that group run route of 24K for all my long runs until I can do it in Sub 1:50. Or die trying.
So thats what.
Its been quite a while since I completed a run more than 20K. So I did yesterdays run reminding myself that its better to be efficient than to be fast, even though one has to be fast to be efficient.
It went alright although there is a muscle between my legs that really bothered me. It was quite a problem. But I pushed through.
I am just glad that I completed the run and didn't have to drop out or walk. So that is my baseline. Now I just have to train, rest and push hard.

I was conservative and for the first time, the Upper Hill hill didn't destroy me. I wasn't that fast, but I felt comfortable. I am realizing hills are about technique, not strength or power. I realized that there are two kinds of hills on that route and they need to be ran differently. I was bothered a lot by some groin pain between my legs but I pushed through to clear the 24k in 2:02. I met GK on langatta road. Whats most interesting is that, after I stopped running, I realized I was totally drained of energy. I could not even stretch or do my lunges. I almost puked. I also felt like crapping. I stopped about 500m to my house but I stopped 4 times while walking home to gather myself and avoid passing out. I feel like a new me is being born. I felt like this in Feb the first time I tried 32k. I even had to flop in my bedroom and remove my shoes while lying down. Either way, lets see whats round the next corner. Upper hill plus langatta road hills r good for ndakaini training. I want to maximize on this route b4 Ndakani. I hope I can contain the injury.
My feeling is that my body was hanging onto my energy stores after the weight loss but now it has found a way to let me access them, so I can run. From the run, there are several areas that I can see I can improve on and thats what I will try and do in the next several weekends.
Today I did 95s Plank X 3.
Cheers guys.

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