Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Think I Will Stick to My Plans - July is Exam Week

I have been mulling over doing Sotokoto Half-Marathon in three days time. I wasn't planning to run it previously and I wanted to jump in and run in it but I haven't registered and I don't think it would benefit me right now in any clear way fitness-wise, especially after my failed sub 2 hour 26k attempt on Tuesday. Instead of jumping from that to another race, I need to put into practice what I gleaned from that.

So I have decided to stick to my plans. I have five goals in the next three-four weeks in the following order and priority:
  1. Do a sub 2 hour 26K on the field. 8th July 2013
  2. Set a 21K PR - on the field - 11-12th July 2013
  3. Set a 26K PR - on Msa Road Langatta Road Route - 14th July 2013
  4. Do a Sub 2 hour 26K on Jogoo-road Upper-Hill hill - 21 July 2013
  5. Attempt a PR on the 24.6k Langatta, Upper-Hill route - 28th July 2013
Ambitious? Really? You think?
I expect my weaknesses to be exposed from these runs. I expect to learn something about how to taper. I expect to learn something about my level of fitness. I expect to learn something about my ability to survive from hills. I expect to get stronger. I expect to gain confidence from my successes. I expect to learn from every failure. I will record and analyze every failure and success because it will serve as input into August training.

Having anything like Sotokoto coming in-between will mess my tapering plans. Ndakaini and Stanchart are paramount.
So, there.

After that, I will go back to the trenches for four weeks to iron out weaknesses.
Keep running my friends. And wish me strength and fortitude because I have set myself for some serious-ass work to do.
All the best for those who will go for Sotokoto - send RaceReports!

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mista maQ said...

I will miss out on sokotoko too - i dont want to put pressure on my calf muscle too soon. I will also go with my family to Mombasa next week while waiting for my injury to clear...maybe do the ab work out while at it.
The plan and target you have laid is very SMART and I hope u will hit the sub 2hrs in 26k in our group run if u follow it through - if u feel that u r in fine form then we can do the mombasa road route for 30k while the others do 26k but lets see how it goes on the d-day. Cheers!