Wednesday, August 28, 2013

2000m x 6

My body is sore. Its been quite a while since my body got sore from a hard workout. So this feels really great.
I went for a speed run yesterday. It went pretty well.
Compared to my July 18, 2000mX5 workout, this one was faster.
So I warmed up for 1K and warmed down for 1K and after the 2000m runs, I did random speed runs maxing at 22.7Km/hr.

This is how it went:
2000m(3:57,3:59) - 7:56
2000m(3:50,3:56) - 7:53
2000m(4:05,4:12) - 8:17
2000m(3:43,3:53) - 7:36 some footballer pushed me.
2000m(4:04,4:11) - 8:15
2000m(4:15,4:35) - 8:50

In Jul 28th I had:

So I am both faster and stronger. I hit a max pace of 2:23, which translates to 25.17Km/hr (my last fast one was 2:29 on 8th August but I didn't use the right pace converter). I want to have two more speed workouts like these before Ndakaini marathon. Mark gave me a nice little tip on weight loss that I tried yesterday that seems to be already working:
Eat very little dinner - especially after an evening workout. It seems I will hit 70Kgs before Ndakaini after all.
Keep rolling folks.

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