Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sorting Holiday Mess and Moving On

Operation Lose 6Kgs in 20 Days is Mutha**kin On!
So I am 76Kgs. Yeah, yeah, all those cakes, sugars, food and more foor and lots of rest had to have some effect.
My payload is about 2.5Kgs (by payload, I mean, how much energy I use for a 24K run) and I used to weigh in at 70-71Kgs after a run. So that is an addition of about 3.5 Kgs on top of my payload. Operation lose 6Kgs in 20days is on! Sugar and Blueband and jam are out! So is white bread. I started with 202 seconds planks, and other exercises to jump-start my metabolism. I must be 71Kgs by 11th Sept 2013. 70Kgs will be better.
A kilo every three or four days should be doable. Plus, if I put it on quickly, I should also be able to offload it quickly. No?
Whats also encouraging is that my waistline has just about remained the same.
This means:
28th Jul__74Kgs
31st Jul__73Kgs
4th Sept__72Kgs
7th Sept__71Kgs
11th Sept_70Kgs
Keep running!

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