Friday, August 30, 2013

2013 Ndakaini Half marathon Logistics - Race Day Prep and Recovery Arrangements

I will be driving to Ndakaini. So, for those that will want us to travel together in my car, I want to make the experience good. The first time we went to Ndakaini, we just went with empty heads, amateur spunk, cluelessness and general disorganization. After the race, we were hungry and thirsty and transportless. The route and the hills hammered us, destroyed our spirits and left us empty shells. Dazed and still like stagnant water. There was only one thing we wanted: to die.
We ended up eating biscuits being sold by the villagers and other crap. And of course our shins and quads sang circumcision songs. To make the experience good this time, we need to ensure we have everything in place for refueling, rehydrating and generally eating well as we drive back to Nai and do a post-moterm of the race. So for those that we will travel together, you can send me a K that will cover the stuff listed below so that you only avail yourself at Kenya Cinema at 6am sharp with a light bag and truckloads of confidence and warrior spirit.

Four oranges each______________________100/=
Yogurt 500ml__________________________100/=
2 Bananas_____________________________20/=
2 apples______________________________60/-
Water (1.5litre Dasani) __________________250/-
Whole meal breads (two can share one)______150/-
Small cutting knife______________________30/-
A Note on Hydrating and Fueling
I will bring along serviettes and will buy the stuff and pack it in the car. Last year, the race started at 8:00am sharp as scheduled (unlike 2008 when they started at 10:30). So we should expect the same this year. To avoid having to stop for a pee in the middle of the race like Mark, hydrate like a man possessed by 6am sharp and spend the next 1hr 45mins peeing and not sipping any more water.
Complete the eating - serious eating (so-called carbo-loading) - by 4am. Anything past 4am should be light carbs like bread, uji and maybe tea.

Those interested, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy the wrap-up exercises and tapering.

And oh, you may need some toilet paper brah!

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