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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pounce! 24K in 1:52:48 - Almost!

I missed Mark's route record by 14 seconds.
I was strong and fast and I finished strong (4:20). The speed runs I did on Thursday kept me fast. The overeating I did during the week kept me strong. I was able to hammer some interesting times and I will sit and analyze the run later in the week.
I used to think being fast is great. It is but if you are not efficient, it doesn't mean shit.
Then I thought being efficient was good.
I now think being strong is the best. And being strong means being able to recover past the hills, past surges.
I was able to do that today I will load the times later.
Since I misbehaved this week dietwise, I can see I have a kilo or so added and besides my groin and thigh muscle aching, I don't feel like I got cleaned out by the run so I will go for an easy run on the same route tomorrow to strengthen/stress my legs and burn some calories. Gotta get ready for Ndakaini.
I have done the analysis. Below are the times I ran on Sunday (left) and the times Mark ran on May 26th - I was with Mark for the first 10K after which I faded and Mark went on to set a course record. I use Mark's times because so far, they are the benchmark I have on how best to tackle that route. The way he ran it was superb so the first thing I want for me is to run like that. On THAT route. I was faster in eleven of the 24 Kms. The splits where I was faster are in blue below. Mark is very strong on the hills. I need to improve on the Muthurwa hill and the Upper Hill and Langatta road hills. But it wont also hurt for me to get FASTER!
If we were running side by side, Mark would have passed me past the  13th Km but I would be able to see him 200m or so ahead.
Km MyTime Mark's Time
1    04:48.2    4'41"/km
2    04:30.9    4'34"/km
3    04:08.6    4'11"/km

4    04:07.2    4'03"/km
5    04:19.0    4'24"/km
6    04:15.4    4'25"/km
7    04:12.4    4'21"/km
8    04:22.4    4'26"/km

9    04:28.5    4'27"/km
10    04:37.9    4'32"/km
11    04:26.7    4'33"/km
12    04:56.8    4'46"/km
13    04:37.5    4'40"/km
14    05:23.0    4'55"/km
15    05:32.6    5'20"/km
16    04:48.3    4'41"/km
17    04:21.8    4'24"/km
18    04:25.3    4'10"/km
19    05:14.5    4'53"/km
20    04:56.5    4'36"/km
21    05:19.4    5'00"/km
22    05:37.4    7'01"/km
23    04:58.4    5'13"/km

24    04:20.4    4'18"/km

Keep running fellas!


mista maQ said...

Thats really cool - I hope u will go sub 1:50 very soon coz i am coming for a rematch of that route before Stanchart - that hill that almost destroyed me, is gonna be mine for the taking. Keep it up!

Running Writer said...

Thanks. Lets see how it goes. Keep training. Hard.

Running Writer said...

Thats a perfect training route by the way. The two hills are the best challenge for any runner. If we could also do it in preparation for Ndakaini, the better. Get well soon.