Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting Better

And stronger....
This is a pic from the fight where Rua was robbed of his victory over Machida in UFC 104.

And here is Cheruiyot being trailed by Meb in the NY Marathon.


Ryan said...


We have the same quest: a 1:20 half marathon. I know that times that are needed, I know the work that needs to be done, now I just need to do it. Although I am not a runner, running defines so much of my sport that I must get better.

I look forward to following you on your goal and I am very curious on what type of training you plan to do to reach it.

Jacob Aliet said...

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for "dropping in." I am in recovery for two more weeks then I start again. What sport are you involved in? Lets be in touch and take this journey together. I am glad I have a partner in you.