Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One more week - 200 situps?

I am now about 100% fine - my knees took the longest time to be okay. I want to take one more week just to ensure I have actually taken a whole month off exercise.

I am considering starting the 200 sit ups challenge next week. This will be aimed at increasing my core strength. I considered doing the 100 pushups challenge (I can do 45 pushups at a go right now) but put it aside because my arms are quite strong and I dont want my upper body to bulk. I considered doing the 200 squat ups but also avoided it because I dont want bigger legs. Squats are the best way to bulk up spiny legs.

I will do the initial test soon.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back man; it was getting kinda quiet in a creepy way. welcome back.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks man. Hopefully the (running) books will arrive within a fortnight.
You are supposed to be on week four of the 100 pushups challenge.