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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Test and D1 W1

I did the test and didnt want to push myself so just ended with 21 situps - just enough to place me on the third column.
I started day 1 week 1 today and did 15,18,10,10 and 17 (max 14). Still easy.
I expect to have bulging six packs at the end of the program so I took some "before" photos. I am about 82Kgs so my weight is not so bad.
I am still undecided which proper form to adopt for these situps.

Above is the Austrian, Gunther Weidlinger who won the 2009 Great Australian Runbeating Wanjiru to 3rd place. Weidlinger sprinted to the line in 43:01, 21 seconds slower than Haile Gebrselassie last year. Birmingham followed 18 seconds behind with a national title and a personal best: Martin Dent, Australia’s leading finisher in the world championships marathon, also passed Wanjiru for third.


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