Thursday, November 4, 2010


So the year is coming to a close and I have decided to make some goals. As a person I have learnt a lot and gown in many ways. They say you get experience when you receive what you don't expect or want so its all good. 
Anyways, I have exceeded my expectations as far as this year is concerned.
In terms of training I did better. I have just been sidelined by a non-running injury. Better financially, physically, emotionally and mentally. Plus, I am married now.

To do B4 end of 2010

1.       Visit S & L and gather more data and contacts for TFP

2.       Apply for PhD – UoN

3.       Apply for funding/scholarship/sponsorhip

4.       Apply for Helb

6.       Start Training with one aerobic session per fortnight.

Start PhD

Implement TFP (this is my "Think biggest" project)

Start running six times per week.
Ressurect /Form training group and go for group runs.

April/May Sotokoto 21K under 100mins 80Kg

June Lewa 80Kgs

September Ndakaini Under 95Mins

September  Mwea 42K Under 3Hrs

October Stanchart 21K under 80Mins 76Kgs

September Open fees policy for B

Jan Start Saving for B

Save for Building

Read 20 Good Books

Connect with people. Be a better communicator. Laugh more. Be very strong and very brave.  Listen more. Care some more. Share some more. Give some more. Think. Reflect. Appreciate life. Be Gentle.



Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

21km, anytime said...

This is great man. You have a full year... Impressive.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks. Now that StanChart is over, the new year has begun for me. Christmas doesn't mean anything to me.

Jacob Aliet said...

Don't tell My wife that or she will have my head.

21km, anytime said...

Tee hee! Just delete the comment you don't want her to see. Christmas is a distraction!