Monday, November 15, 2010

Of Machete and Amaica

I did two things last weekend which I regretted.
First off, my office buddies told me that the movie Machete was so outrageous that it was funny. That it was so ridiculous and over the top in terms of violence that you had to laugh. I quietly asked for a copy.
I was impressed that it had Robert De Niro, Steven Spielberg, Jessica Alba  and was directed by Quentin Tarantino and I was told Spielberg had a hand in it. Surely, if it has such a serious cast, it must be something, I thought.

I expected big action and over-the-top violence that is characteristic of grindhouse movies. It started as dumb and gory, which was okay but then they stopped being gory and it became idiotic and inane and built up to nothing. It just lost direction and fizzled out into poor sequences of violence. I lost one hour watching a movie that was going nowhere.
After waking up my wife, who fell asleep as soon as she saw someone using another living human being's intestine to monkey-leap from one building to another, and decided to wash away the bad taste with a fine African luhya meal.
I had seen some advertisement on TV about a restaurant called Amaica which claimed they had African traditional dishes. It is somewhere in Valley Road.
They are expensive and they serve tasteless food and the place is dead. Bereft of life or activity. Lousy music, lousy decor, lousiest food. The waiter that served us was fine though.
"No wonder the place is empty" I remarked, sensing that they are not getting repeat customers.
Dont waste your time or money going there. I wish I knew the proprietor of that place. I got robbed!
OTOH, there is a place in Koinange street called Petma. If you want healthy, delicious African food at good prices, that is the place. They can drive Kosewe out of business if they came closer to Dedan Kimathi street.
End of Rant.

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