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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Started Running...Then Bust!

I started running last week while on a Trip to Mombasa. Then I allowed Hotel food to screw up my diet and now I am back to 90. In the process, I found a friend and overdid my running, enough to conjure the injury. So now I have cut back on running and want to enjoy the pushups and situps.

I managed to get new beautiful used Saucony shoes. I exchanged them for what I had. This year, running is the word.

Here is my self beaming at the camera after a workout at the Gym.
 Back to dieting and indoor workouts for a few days.
Oh, btw, I got published in The East African. They butchered the hell out of what I wrote but oh well...

Fictional omnibus with no driver at the wheel



Jason Bredlitch said...

The East African article doesn't look thorough. You are not giving any specific reasons for the failures for the stories you mention.

Jason Bredlitch said...

And by the way, do not be surprised if the Diriye Osman story gets shortlisted for the Caine Prize. It's a solid piece. I feel your review was poor.

Jacob Aliet said...

Dude, its a newspaper: they cant publish a thorough review. Plus I wrote a 1700 word review and they have published 1100 word review.
I would be surprised if they selected that piece for Caine prize but then again, who am I?
Wonders will never end.
Thanks for "dropping in".

Jason Bredlitch said...

Why don't you then post the entire review here on your blog?

Jacob Aliet said...

I can email you if you want. Are you affiliated to the Kwani? enterprise?

Jason Bredlitch said...

No I am not. But I did take part in their Kwani litfest last december. And I thought some of the stories in Kwani 06 were very good. Not all, and some are indeed very weak but there is a small clutch that stands out and is quality work.

You can email me on