Monday, July 18, 2011

29K Run

Sato I took it easy. I didnt even bike. So Sunday after agreeing to meet GK at Galleria, I left the house at 6.00am and ran to Galleria. It took me 30 minutes and I was worried GK may have left me but I founf him stratching and warming up at the car park.
So we left. Both in gloves and marvins. He took it easy on me. We went through Bomas into some estates in Karen. Crossed some fences, ran accross fields and on roads and back to Langatta road into higher Karen.
I kep up and we kept a pretty fast and steady pace. I could feel the effects of the few speed runs I have done: they made me comfortable even as the pace was high.
At about 1:37 minutes, I got tired and GK widened the gap. I decided two things after realizing my energy was gone: (1) dont walk. Slow down if u must but no walking (2) Dig the fuck deep. So I dug deep and tried my darnedest to keep up.
But I couldnt and after realizing this, GK kept slowing down for me without letting me close the gap. And at some point my ribs ached. I am not sure it was a stitch.
At any rate, we cleared the 21 K in 1:38 and the total run took 2:37minutes. 29Kms. The longest I have ever run.
I iced my feet and took it easy.
Today I did a recovery run of 37 mins.
So far so good.

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