Wednesday, July 13, 2011

57 mins hard - Running Partner?

Was up at 4:45. Stretched. Warmed my calves with calf raises. Toilet work. Bandaged both knees because yesterday I gave the right knee some support and it was happy and the left one was not so I gave both of them. Marvin. Gloves. Stop watch. Shoes. Done. Step into the cold dawn air.
At 5 I was off. I noticed I did not struggle to run uphill in the first 300 metres. About 10 mins later, some guy in white shoes, black TShirt and shorts joined me and after 10 minutes of running on his own in a rather staccato and haphazard fashion, he started running after me. I decided to try to burn him out and I upped my tempo and used fartleks and I sorta did after 18 minutes. Then when I saw him slow down to a halt, I shouted to him to "push". So he joined me and I tried to burn him out again (maybe there is some competitive demon lurking in runners like me wanting to see other runners crash and burn). But he didnt. He hung in there. We even did sprints. He hung in there. Until I finished after 57 minutes when daylight was streaming in. We backpedaled and did pushups and stretched and did heel-toe-walks as he told me the issues they have with where he lives.
He told me he is called Evans and has been looking for a running partner and was glad I encouraged him and that he found me.
Lets see how it goes. Tomorrow I take it easy. My weight is doing great.
Here is Desiree Henry of Great Britain takes girls' 200m gold in Lille.

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