Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Walked 9Kms. Still taking it easy

I walked some 9Kms yesterday, including walking home some 7Kms. The leg is much better than last week. I massaged it using Deep Heat and bandaged it to keep down the inflammation. As far as I can see, its not so bad even though there is some pain.
The lesson I learnt from last week is to keep away from hard surfaces unless I have some cushion, like shoes, or a carpet.
Tomorrow, I would like to run some 10Kms on the grass at a relatively slow speed then rest and wait for DDay. With a three-day massage-and-bandage regimen, I should be fine by Sunday.
One thing I realized from my run on Sunday is that when you are fit, you are fit. Nobody can take that away from you. Because even though I was nursing an injury, several runners came and ran and left exhausted while I ran on.
Lets hope I can get some 90 minutes on the grass tomorrow...

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