Thursday, June 19, 2008

Did 5Kms. Getting Better

I didn't feel my long-term injury nagging me today. Methinks injuries also know how to make threats. I think last week it was just barking and it had no bite because it has been silent the last five days. It probably just wanted to see whether I had the will to assert my plans on it against its own protestations. Or it is the ice I have been using.
Or I have protected my right leg with the left one, which I use to do more dragging. And I tend to ensure I step softly forward as I run, instead of pounding on and forward. That may be another reason why I am having this respite. At any rate, I am losing weight, which is good, I am getting into a routine, which is great and hopefully, my leg is getting conditioned.
Great will be the days when I will be able to run everyday without having to take a 24 hours break to let the soreness wear off.

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