Wednesday, August 17, 2011

60 Mis Easy - Disappointed in Obama

I was tired today. Legs were stiff, energy was low. But nonetheless, I slugged out the 60 mins.
Meanwhile, I have been looking at Obama's presidency, after finding that Prof Cornel West and his sidekick Tavis Smiley were just two disgruntled hommies demanding that Obama wipes their noses or they go to war, which they did on their inane poverty tour, I came accross a sober American who listed for me Obama's failures.
I checked them out. And they checked out.
I think Obama has failed. In fact, I think that in many ways, he is a despot of some sort. I dont think re-electing him can help him redeem his presidency. I know he has also achieved a lot. But I am mad at him for failing in places he could have succeeded in easily. I forgive him for Guantanamo (that is a complicated mess that I doubt anyone knows how to untangle). But I dont forgive him for being ruthless with whistleblowers. I dont forgive him for being more autocratic than Bush. I dont forgive him for giving the same hyenas who phucked up the economy (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and other thugs who have been looting the Federal Reserve from the Clinton eras) the job of cleaning up the economy - even though I know they are the ones who financed his campaign. I dont forgive him for attacking Libya without the approval of congress - in fact, that was plain incompetence on his part. So, no, he has messed up. Let him walk.

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